11th June 2016
RAF Mildenhall
Reach 435 lining up for a Runway 11 departure Reach 533 - "Sunsetter" nose art Reach 533 lining up for departure Reach 315 - Taz nose art Reach 315 taxing to Runway 11 at Mildenhall Reach 460 taxing onto the runway Reach 984 keeping the busy morning going Reach 462 making the first arrival of the day.  This is the next TDY tanker Reach 610 pulling onto the runway Reach 981 displaying its nose art Reach 981 lining up Reach 327 on arrival at Mildenhall Reach 445 - Holding for departure Reach 961 - My forth Sioux City tanker of the day Goose 61 ready for departure Goose 51 backtracking for the 11 under run at Mildenhall Reach 960 lining up for 11 departure Reach 407 - the third arrival of the day Reach 539 heading onto the runway Reach 445 showing its "Lets Roll" nose art
Today I visited RAF Mildenhall after seeing what had been arriving the day before.  The Internet is great for things like this.  I decided that it would be well worth the tripand I certainly was not dissapointed.  There were twelve visiting tankers on the ground including four from Sioux City, Iowa ANG.  I had never before seen a Sioux City tanker.  The movents started just before 9am and by just after 12pm there had been forteen tanker movements plus the RAF RC-135W with the 100th anniversary tail of51 Squadron went out for the Queens birthday flypast.  It was a great day, I made twelve new tankers.