17th May 2012
RAF Mildenhall
Today was my first visit of the year to RAF Mildenhall.  It turned out to be a great choice.  I normally book my time off at the beginning of the year and take pot luck as to what I may see.  Today there were ten Polish F16’s passing through on their way to Red Flag at Nellis Air Force Base.  I managed to get six of the ten as a KC-10 broke down and couldn’t take the last four.  Two of the ten were air spares and I managed to get them returning.
Quid 40 taxing to Runway 11 for departure Connie 411H about to land at RAF Mildenhall Quid 76 flight (Quid 76 - 14830 and Quid 41 - 38008) lining up for departure. Reach 948 taking an opposite direction departure of Runway 29 Reach 948 tucking away the landing gear Retro 61-64 lining up for departure Retro 61 lining up Retro 62 lining up for Runway 11 Retro 63 (4059) passing behind Retro 62 (4060) Retro 63 lining up with the support tanker taxing behind Retro 62 head on showing off its conformal fuel tanks Retro 64 showing off its two seat profile Retro 61 thundering down Mildenhalls runway Retro 62 strobing as it rolls down the runway Polish Air Force 312A lining up to act as an air spare Polish Air Force 312B a second air spare for for the first part of the trail Blue 01 taxing for departure.  This was the tanker taking Retro 61-64 to America Blue 01 ready for take off Quid 93 holding short of Runway 11 Quid 94 taxing onto the runway at RAF Mildenhall Quid 41 returning home to commence a series of approaches Quid 76 landing after a bird strike on the runway after a practicing aproach Polish Air Force 312A returning to Mildenhall after not being required to go onto America Polish Air Force 312B returning to Mildenhall Connie 411H lining up for departure Jalop 91 coming into land at Mildenhall Quid 94 returning home from its mission Quid 93 on finals for Runway 11