12th September 2013
RAF Waddington
Vulcan 01 on finals to land Vulcan 01 about to touchdown Typhoon 39 taxing to RAF Waddingtons runway Typhoon 37 rolling down Waddingtons runway French Air Force Cotam 1791 arriving at RAF Waddington Gunfighter 21 strobing as it holds on the taxiway Gunfighter 22 heading off on its mission Typhoon 39 returning to its temporary home at Waddington Triplex 12 about to land at Waddington Rockstar 31 about to touch down after its sortie Gunfighter 22 about to land at Waddington Cotam 1791 taxing for departure Serpant 48 taxing onto the runway Serpant 48 lining up for departure Solex 01 turning finals for Runway 23 at RAF Waddington Solex 01 about to land Ascot 124 on approach for a touch and go Gauntlet 56 landing at Waddington Gauntlet 56 taxing at Waddington after a very short time on the ground Triplex 43-44 taxing at Waddington Triplex 43 heading off on its sortie Triplex 43-44 taxing onto the runway Typhoon 321 heading out on a pilots first solo. Triplex 42 waiting on the taxiway Triplex 42 heading off down the runway Typhoon 327 taking another pilot on their first solo on the Typhoon RAF Waddingtons Gate Guard Solex 01 about to touch and go Triplex 11 about to land after returning to RAF Waddington
Today I visited RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.  Waddington were using Runway 20 on what was a mostly cloudy day.  29(R) Squadron from RAF Coningsby were Boltholing here for a couple of weeks due to the Royal Saudi Air Force taking part in a Green Flag exercise with the RAF at Coningsby.  I was hoping to be able to capture my first Shadow today and I managed to get two.  It was a very enjoyable day with plenty of flying and some great photo opportunities.